Free Dairyland Dare Training Plans

Whether you are training for your first 50K event or you are a seasoned veteran shooting for the 300K, a training plan will help you be prepared! If you are already working with a coach on a one-on-one basis or participanting in a group training program, you are in great shape! If you are looking for some guidance, you've come to the right place.

Dairyland Dare participants get a free TrainingPeaks account and a free training plan by Angie Sturtevant, USAC Elite Level 1 Cycling & Power Based Coach providing these great benefits and more:

  • Expert advice from Angie Sturtevant with daily instruction.
  • Five Plans from 100K to 300K will help you reach your goals.
  • Plans begin on the week of Feb 28th, but you can sign upat any time.
  • Daily e-mails with your next workout to keep you on track.
  • Maps and routes to view, share or create your own.
  • Confidence from tracking your fitness.
  • Encouragment from friends on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Upload workouts from your Cyclops, Garmin, SRM, Polar, Suunto, iPhone or other device.
  • Nutrition tracking to monitor your diet.
  • Support and advice on the forums.

The following basic training plans provided to registrants of Dairyland Dare events, for upload into a Training Peaks Account. Once you have opened your account at , click on one of the following links, and upload basic program into your account. Coaching services and Premium Individualized plans are not included in this basic plan. For information on coaching services, contact

DLD 100K Begins 3/31/13
DLD 150K Begins 2/28/13
DLD 200K Begins 2/28/13
DLD 250K Begins 2/28/13
DLD 300K Begins 2/28/13

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Angie Sturtevant
Specialists in Sports Performance, LLC

USAC Elite Level 1 Cycling & Power Based Coach; USAT Triathlon Coach
Metabolic Testing Specialist
CycleOps Power Fitness Education Director & Master Training Specialist
ACE & AFAA Trainer and Continuing Education Provider